HAITI – Tap tap magic

The Tap Tap is the local transport in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti.  As the country struggles with every cataclysm and curse known to a nation, it’s public transport system remains one of the beautiful in the world.  How about that for a paradox?!

Tap Taps are decorated with a baffling mix of dazzling colours, geometric shapes, floral motifs, religious slogans and pop idols.  Apparently there’s a workshop in downtown Port au Prince which is responsible for most of this bodywork.  On my recent trip to Haiti, I was advised against visiting the place by my hosts, the UN World Food Program, because it’s in a ‘red zone’, which denotes maximum risk and danger of kidnapping.  Our security advisor said that we’d need a military escort to go there.  I didn’t have enough time to put one together.  Next time I might just say ‘in God we trust!’.

Here are some Taps Taps I managed to snap during a half hour stop at a busy Port au Prince roundabout:

Haiti Tap Tap

Haiti Tap Tap

Haiti Tap TapHaiti Tap TapHaiti Tap TapHaiti Tap TapHaiti Tap Tap Haiti Tap Tap Haiti Tap TapHaiti Tap Tap

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