Jupiter Bokondji

JUPITER & OKWESS INTERNATIONAL – “We’re sleeping on a mattress stuffed with dollars!”

March 12, 2014
Jupiter and Okwess International at Carlisle Railway Station, September 2012. Photo by Andy Morgan

In the early years of that epic tribal conflict known as the cold war, an Irishman wrote a funny-sad piece of theatre, a kind of excruciating fairy tale about a pair of old tramps who sat around waiting for this guy called Godot. Except that Godot wasn’t a person of course; he was an...
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‘BENDA BILILI’ – “They never told us it was impossible…”

February 3, 2011
Roger Landu from Staff Benda Bilili

What I find extraordinary about a camera, is that you can film people that seem to be so far from you, culturally speaking, and thanks to the emotion that your work expresses, you can relive certain emotions through them and make them appear extremely close. And it’s clear that you need time to do...
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