Bassekou Kouyate

SAHARA SOUL – Bassekou Kouyate, Tamikrest, Sidi Toure.

Tamekrist group shot

Listen to the spirits in the music and they’ll tell you a deeper tale. They’ll tell you that in that vast desert which outsiders are content to call a wasteland, there exists an endless calm, tranquillity and beauty that makes the nomad cry in his heart every day he is forced to spend in exile.

AFROCUBISM – An old transatlantic love story

AfroCubism: Eliades Ochoa and Bassekou Kouyate

When the record producer Nick Gold traveled to Cuba in the early 1990s he had the genius to perceive the well-spring of love for Cuban music that still flowed through Mali and West Africa and appreciate the strength of their intertwining histories.