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BALOJI (Part 1) – Super sorcerer of Belgo-congolese rap

January 17, 2012
Baloji Tervuren 20111010 5 Crop

Once a member of Starflam, one of Belgium’s most successful hip hop crews, Baloji has been ploughing his own furrow for the past five years. He produced his first solo opus ‘Hotel Impala’ in 2007 and is currently limbering up for the worldwide release of his new album, ‘Kinshasa Succursale’. It hits you...
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DANYEL WARO – Say it loud, mongrel and proud!

January 13, 2012
Danyel Waro; La Renuion; Maloya

Like the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Eminem, Danyel Waro has taken a style of music that wasn’t his by birthright and fashioned it into something new. But Waro’s whole point is that, thanks to the island’s unique blurring of racial and cultural dividing line, this music is in fact his own. It is...
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