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HAITI: Tap tap magic

April 13, 2011
Haiti Tap Tap

The Tap Tap is the local transport in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti.  As the country struggles with every cataclysm and curse known to a nation, it’s public transport system remains one of the beautiful in the world.  How about that for a paradox?! Tap Taps are decorated with a baffling mix...
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SUPER ONZE DE GAO: The takamba champions of the Niger bend.

April 1, 2011
Super 11 de Gao

They say that takamba has its origins in a neighbourhood of the same name situated on the edge of the small town of Témera, up-river north of Gao, on the road to Bourem. Its driving force is the unmistakable takamba rhythm which pulses on the boom and bip before lurching at the end of...
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